Your Way To Understand Female Psychology: Status & Wealth

Your Best Guide from Qualification to Relationship


If the foundational characteristics give you a “ticket to play” to win the interest of a desirable woman, your attributes give you a “ticket to win.” Your attributes can be thought of as something external to you (as opposed to something thought of as intrinsic, like health) and relate to something you have, as opposed to something you are.
From an evolutionary standpoint, pretty much everything external that consistently attracts women can be related either to status or wealth. This doesn’t make women “golddiggers,” though it helps explain why golddiggers exist. As we’ll discuss below, women have good reasons to value these attributes in men.


Status is associated with power. Power implies the ability to cause things to happen, or not happen.
The strongest manifestation of power is the ability to help or hurt others. In evolutionary times, the chief had power and status. So did the medicine man. So did the religious authority. It is not difficult to see the evolutionary benefits of power. Today, politicians, CEOs, and movie producers are examples of people who have power and status. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see such men involved with sexually desirable women whom they would not have otherwise been likely to attract.
Power can also be applied indirectly. The chief’s trusted advisors carry power through their ability to influence the chief. The religious authority carries power through its ability to influence the supernatural.


Being close to a high-status person carries status in itself. Of course, status is attractive for non-evolutionary reasons as well. All other things being equal, being with a high-status man allows a woman to lead a more interesting and exciting life than if she were paired with a low-status man.

  • Relative status is far easier to obtain than absolute status. If you go to a restaurant frequently, get to know everyone who works there. Even if no one knows you outside the door, you can be a celebrity inside. Plan your social events to become well-known at a few venues rather than a stranger at many. Take advantage of this on dates.
  • Status is often demonstrated relative to other men. Recognize and seek opportunities to display status in a non-confrontational way over other men, such as teaching another man something or expressing dominant body language.
  • Act like people expect high-status men to act. Such men do not tend to be envious. They do not tend to denigrate the success of others, particularly other high-status men. They do not tend to be needy, to go out of their way to convince others of their status, or to worry about what others think of them. And so on.


Wealth means having access to resources. In evolutionary time, “wealth” might refer to a man’s hidden store of food and animal pelts. Today, it’s money.
Financial security is crucial to evolutionary success. Men are predisposed to accumulate wealth, even when they already have plenty. Both men and women desire financial security and our emotions make us uncomfortable when we do not have it. Women especially have an emotional need to know that they will have access to sufficient resources for themselves and their children to thrive.

While women are able to create their own wealth in today’s society, most women retain an evolutionary desire for a man who could provide for her and her future children. This doesn’t mean that most women necessarily expect a man to provide for them; they just want a man’s income to be at a level where he could. Being on the road to wealth is almost the same as having it; most women will consider a medical student’s prospects to be almost as good as a doctor’s. Even some of my most liberal and feminist female friends feel uncomfortable with men who make less money than they do, or worry that a man in this position would feel emasculated and resentful. Put simply, whether based on culture or
biology, women are predisposed to be attracted to men with money who can provide a comfortable lifestyle.

Men have been trying to tempt women with wealth since evolutionary times. Don’t be sleazy. Displays of wealth should be subtle and appear natural. If you take your wallet out to buy a drink and it happens to be full of $100 bills, that’s subtle and natural. If you reach into your pocket and pull out your tax return, it isn’t.

  • Some displays of wealth – like some expensive cars, especially smaller sports cars – can be considered “compensating” and can be a big turnoff for some women.
  • Women look for consistency with wealth. A man at a VIP table who dresses badly and drives a cheap car is not usually seen as a man with wealth; he’s seen as a man with a spending problem.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not rich. Just don’t look like you are struggling. Don’t talk about financial difficulties or borrowing money, and don’t make a big deal out of expenses. Make sure your car is clean and in good repair – not doing so is a very obvious indicator of wealth or lifestyle difficulties.
    Use your money wisely. If you have $110 in your wallet, wrap a $100 bill around ten $1s instead of having eleven $10 bills. Spending an extra $20 on a coat won’t make much of a difference, but spending an extra $20 on wine will.
  • If you don’t have wealth, the next best thing is to show that you have the potential for it. Show that you are ambitious and have a plan.



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