My goal is to teach you how to bring quality women into your life through the power of
daytime dating. If you find yourself happily dating a wonderful woman, or being able to
have romantic and sexual encounters with beautiful, intelligent, and interesting women
wherever you are, then I’ll be very proud of what I’ve brought to your attention in this


It’s very important to have a positive and healthy mindset when it comes to approaching
women in the daytime. You can do hundreds or thousands of approaches and have suc-
cesses with those, but ultimately if your head is not in the suitable space, you are walking
down a path of frustration and disappointment.
When I started daytime approaches I didn’t have all of these mindsets. But as I
started to reach plateaus in my skill set and wanted more consistency in my results (and
less frustration), I realized that there were several principles I needed to embrace in order
to be as successful as possible. These took me years to figure out. Some of them will
resonate with you immediately, whereas others will take some time to take root in your
subconscious and your behavior. Keep on coming back to these mindsets whenever you
feel frustrated and they will offer you solace and a route back onto the right path.


Anything is possible

When I first started daytime approaching, I thought it was impossible to talk to a woman
in the cold light of day, let alone take her phone number or even take her on a date instantly. I’ve since blown that reality apart and taken things much further than that.
I’ve approached women while they were with their mothers when they seemed like
they were in a rush and wouldn’t stop for me when they were surrounded by groups of
friends, and in even stranger, more awkward or difficult situations than those.
I still haven’t done everything I could want to do in terms of daytime approaching, but I
realize now that nothing is impossible. Some things are improbable in certain situations,
but with time and energy, anything is achievable.

I take risks for the things I want

I take a lot of inspiration from the lives of successful people. A few years ago I read Los-
ing My Virginity by Richard Branson, a billionaire and the man behind the Virgin brand.
In it, Branson describes his early business endeavors such as starting a student maga-
zine at age 16 and calling national advertisers to convince them to advertise in his un-
heard-of publication. He describes how someone offered him a stake in a new
airline. Against all personal and business advice from those around him, he took up the
challenge: the now successful airline Virgin Atlantic was born.
As I read Branson’s book, I realized that there was one major quality that set him apart
from most of the world: he is willing to take risks for the things he wants. He says,

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable
challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the fullest, I felt that I had to attempt it.”

Taking risks is not about always achieving what you want. There will be failures and
things that don’t work out; you need to accept that. Taking risks is about being willing
to act when you think, “I want that.” The outcome is not as important as taking action.
When I go to bed at night, I don’t think of how many women I’ve slept with or how deep I’ve fallen in love. I think about how many opportunities I’ve seen and how much of that
I’ve acted on it. Living a life with beautiful, intelligent, and inspirational women around you
is great, but what is really satisfying is living a life of action instead of one of regret. The
way you choose to live your life is infinitely more important than the external trappings of
your life; success in the latter is great, but it doesn’t come without the former.

Every time you see a woman in the daytime you want to talk to, remember that the un-
the comfortable feeling of approaching her and potentially getting rejected will subside a lot
quicker and be a lot more bearable than the regret you will feel if you don’t. Be happy
to take the risk for something you want, and don’t worry so much about the outcome of
each individual situation.

I express my desires and feelings

Doing daytime approaches is like putting a microscope on your social interactions. Sud-
deny, everything appears to you in a level of detail and intensity that you have never
experienced before; not in nightclub approaches, social circle introductions, or even in
speed dating.
You have a few seconds as a beautiful woman walks past you to decide whether you are
going to run after her and say something, anything, or let her be just another missed op-
In nightclubs and bars, you can often get away with a little procrastination. In
the daytime, rarely do you have that luxury. The window of opportunity opens and closes
in moments.
If you are a person that rationalizes, calculates, and takes time to figure out the best

strategy for the highest chance of success with her, you could miss out on more opportunities in the daytime than those you capitalize on.
I’m not saying there is no place for strategy or planning in the daytime, but you need to
be willing to act quickly lest all your strategizing be wasted.

I am coming from a position of high value

It’s very easy when you’re talking to or looking at a beautiful woman to think she is “out
of your league,” and that she somehow has more value than you. As soon as you start to think that, it’s intimidating.
But what happens when you start talking to her? Maybe it turns out she is a student of
an academic subject that you have a Ph.D. in. Maybe she goes regularly to a nightclub
where you know the manager. Maybe when you wake up with her in the morning, you will
realize that she is a person just like you, with strengths and weaknesses of her own, and
insecurities deeper than you could possibly imagine.
Value is relative across situations. Sure, when you’re in a nightclub and she is dancing on
the pole, she has every guy in there gawping at her. She might have higher social value
than you in that situation (because more people are focusing on her than they are on you). But take her out of that environment and put her in your workplace as your intern
or junior.

Suddenly you have a higher value.

That’s just one example, yet there are countless situations where you might hold greater
value than her. You will never have a higher value than every person you meet in life, but
if you recognize the areas of your life where you do have strong value, then you have
something to offer everyone.

When you are talking to a woman in the daytime, realize that you are coming from a position of high value. You will convey some of this value immediately as you approach her (your body language, tonality, etc.), but the rest of it will be conveyed as you talk more to Don’t worry about demonstrating it all straight away. Relax, do enough to get her
interested in the approach, and believe that she will like you more as you interact with her.
You see her walking down the street, she’s beautiful, sure.

But aren’t you intelligent, funny, and interesting? It might not be immediately apparent when she looks at you, but take the chance to talk to her and she might just discover all these things about you.

I want you, but I do not need you

There’s a big paradox here that astute readers may have noticed. If you adopt all the
above mindsets – you realize you are high value, you just enjoy expressing how you feel –
then what is the point or rationale behind seeking an outcome (sex, love, or otherwise) at all?
Is it wrong to want to enjoy the physicality of a beautiful woman, or to relish the companionship an intelligent woman offers? No.
What is dangerous is to think that you need any of this in the absolute sense. In absolute
terms, all you need is food, air, and water.
Realize that you have romantic and sexual desires and be willing to act on them (as de-
scribed above). These desires are real and are a part of you, but they do not control you.
Each woman you meet might be desirable (she might even be the most desirable woman
you have ever met in your life), but she is not necessary for your existence or happiness.
This is the most powerful mindset you can ever adopt for your dating life and indeed
other areas of your life. Buddhists believe that detachment from the outcome and the external trappings of life is important for spiritual self-satisfaction.

But if that were true, why not cast off your clothes, give away all your money, and go live on a mountain somewhere by yourself?

It’s good to have desires and to want things. It makes for an interesting life to pursue
these desires and achieve your goals (and to keep on setting and achieving new goals).
But it’s bad to think that any one outcome is the be-all and end-all of your life.
Some time ago I got into a stupid fight and ended up in hospital with my left eye pretty
damaged. I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever be able to see out of it again. As I lay there in
the hospital the next morning, I thought to myself, “Whatever happens, I will deal with it.”
I was amazed at my own stoicism, and I realized it has come from the path I have been
walking for the last few years in dating science.
There is an immense inner strength you develop when you become a person who is willing to try to achieve everything he wants in life, and willing to deal with any outcome as
a result of those efforts. Positive or negative, whatever happens to you in your life makes
for a more interesting tapestry overall.
So every time you want to talk to a beautiful woman you see walking past you, embrace
your desire for her but realize that whatever happens, you are still you, and that is all you.



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