Dating Solutions: Text Message Library

Text message library : just copy and paste


These messages are set up so that you can literally cut, paste, and hit send.

First Contact

Here are some great first texts to send when you’ve just met and have
exchanged numbers. These can be used during the day or at night, depending
on the circumstances.

  • **Sweet dreams, sexy…make sure they’re not about me. 🙂 [Your name]
  • **On our way to the after-party but was fun teaching you some dance moves tonight.
  • Shoot me a text sometime. [Your name]
  • **Cool meeting you tonight, just getting some food with the girls. Get home safe.
  • **Lovely to meet you last night, shame we didn’t get a chance to talk longer. Here’s my [FB/Instagram]. Add me but don’t spend too long perving on my pics.
  • **Just on my way home. LA traffic sucks! You don’t have a helicopter, do you?
  • **So bottom line you kinda impressed me tonight…and I don’t get impressed very often. Keep up the good work ; )
  • **To the lady in the blue dress very cool meeting you…shoot me a text later tonight and I’ll tell you about that party we spoke about.
  • **Thanks for the coffee darling…next time we mix it with patron;)
  • **I need a good pickup line for this incredibly cute girl I met today, got any ideas?


Attention Grabbers

These texts are perfect for getting her attention and as a way of initiating the

  • **Hey [nickname], I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend!
  • **How’s my [second/third/fourth] favorite [profession/firstname] doing?
  • **Haha I’ve got you by the balls now!
  • **[Girls Full Name] I think you have a confession to make…
  • **Oh no you didn’t!
  • **[Nickname], I have a bone to pick with you.
  • **What kind of mischief are you causing today?
  • **Did I just catch you spying on me?
  • **Hey [nickname] what’s cooking? I think you should [insert random silly task/request].
  • **So it’s pretty hot out at the [pool/garden/rooftop] right now. I think you should come to fan me with a big leaf and feed me grapes.
  • **I just finished a monster workout in the gym and my body feels like jelly…how good are your back rubs?
  • **Hey [nickname], do you like fajitas, beer, good music, and great company?
  • **You’re boring. Better start being entertaining before I leave you. ;p.
  • **I’m seducing girls back to my house with sweets. Do you prefer M&M or skittles?
  • **Hey you cheeky-slag, orgy starts at 8:00, but be there early so I can get you while you’re still fresh
  • **Just saying hi and wondering if that morning-after pill worked
  • **We’re total fucking badasses!
  • **Please make yourself available to talk when I have nothing to do while driving.
  • **I swear we would make ridiculously good-looking babies…
  • **What’s good [nickname]…still searching for your sugar daddy?
  • **I hate you
  • **You wouldn’t believe the dream I had last night
  • **Smile if you killed a kitten today

Getting Her To Meet You

Use these texts to arrange a meeting…

  • **So [nickname] do you have a good sense of humor and like laughing so hard you pee your pants? (ok don’t actually pee your pants… that’s gross… lol) It’s comedy night at the Parlour! Come join us…
  • **Hey [nickname], I need to revamp my wardrobe and could use a female opinion. Come join me on my shopping adventure tomorrow. You can hold my bags 😉
  • **Hey [nickname], some of my friends and I are cruising to this party in the park tomorrow at about 6:24- you should totally join us! – you’re not opposed to having a ridiculously awesome time are you?
  • **Me and the girls are checking out Bungalow in a few hours. SUNDAY FUNDAY! Come join us if you’re free.
  • **Just on my way to meet the gang…come out and play!
  • **This night is hilarious! Get your ass over here NOW.
  • **Patron 4. Greg 0. I’m losing this battle with Tequila. I’m at [bar name] I need your help.
  • **Listen [nickname]. I don’t know what kind of trouble you’re causing right now, but it needs to be over here.

Keeping The Relationship Going

Use these texts to keep the relationship ticking over between meetings.

  • **Stop thinking about me!
  • **OMG…I just met your twin!
  • **I just met a girl who has the same [ass/breasts] as you!
  • **I’m in the pool with some wine, Motown, and thoughts of world domination…What’s new with you?
  • **I miss your face you [geek/bitch/stranger]…
  • **Oi stranger…I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. You owe me tequila.
  • **You never write, you never call…how am I supposed to raise these kids by myself?
  • **You just popped into my head, so I wanted to say hi…now stay out of there…
  • **Thinking of you. (and taking cold showers) =D”
  • **I just saw the cutest little [furry animal] in the [park/zoo] and it made me think of you 🙂
  • **hey I was just thinking about you, wish you were here(so you could cook me something and do my dishes)
  • **Let’s pretend to get together soon!
  • **You were in my dream last night
  • **Dude…my cat just did the craziest thing…
  • **If we don’t hang out soon, I might have to start cheating on you haha!
  • **I think we should hang out again soon. You seemed fun… but I wanna make sure, I’ve been mistaken in the past.
  • **We should do something. I think you’re getting bored of not hanging out with me. :-P”
  • **I forgot. Are we fighting and more importantly am I winning?

Dead Numbers

If it’s been a while and you’re trying to resurrect a dead number, then try some of these.

  • **I forgot, are we fighting, and most importantly am I winning?
  • **Hey, wanted to touch base in case you get rich.
  • **Oi stranger…I still try to keep up with whether or not you’re dead.
  • **Hey [nickname], you still alive? Should I send out a search party of Oompa-Loompas to come to rescue you?
  • **Hey stranger. I just met someone who knows you…
  • **Hey, I’m just cleaning up my phonebook and realized there are 3 Shannons! Are you the hot blonde, the wild party girl, or the Aussie gymnast?



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