8 Ways to Rediscover Your True Passion After Divorce

Take a deep breath and let's start to rediscover our true passions and say... Will the Real Me Please Stand Up!


Experiencing divorce is a very difficult time in life. It’s difficult to readjust to living “out of the habit” of getting married alone, especially after years of marriage. At some point, you will start thinking about dating, but it is advisable that you take your time. Take this precious opportunity to rediscover yourself. Take this time of your life as an adventure to discover your true self. If you have been working outside your home for the past 10, 15, or 20 years as a mother and wife, you may have lost yourself along the way. It’s certainly not intentional, but most women try to do everything as a “super” mom, so we often put our desires and needs on hold to keep our family and work going smoothly. !!
Take a deep breath, rediscover our true passion and start saying …
Real I stand up!

1) Thank you for your gift within yourself

Recognizing that we are all born as “gold nuggets” is a difficult concept for many women to believe in themselves. Think about how wonderful you really are! Over time, you may forget your unique gift and just think about yourself or your life that you don’t like. Starting today, list all your great qualities and have a new intent to read this list daily. Keep reading it until you believe it. Examples: beautiful smile, kindness, generosity, affection, compassion, intellect. continue. Your list becomes endless as you begin to focus on your wonderful qualities. Allow yourself to see the shining gold in you. It’s already here!


2) Take a break

During and after a divorce, you often feel as sad as when you lost someone. Many women feel that they need to be busy to distract from this stressful time, such as overtime or cleaning the house, which is made up of pampering themselves. For example, negotiate with friends and neighbors to take care of your child, or quit your job early to buy the time you need. Yes, you deserve to do something special for yourself. It’s as easy as taking a bath, taking a walk, going to the shopping street, or reading a book with your favorite tea. Give yourself permission-it’s ok Remember that the happier you are, the happier your family will be!

3) I have no regrets! No bitterness!

Continuing to have regret and suffering only prevents your life from moving forward. Is your inner voice working overtime for all “Hello” and “Hello”? This has been normal for a while, but ask yourself … Are these ideas helping me or making me feel better? Will something change when I think of her? To move your life forward, it is important to acknowledge your feelings, learn from your past experiences, and prepare for the next exciting chapter of your life. Yes, I have a life after divorce. Learn to let go! Just let go! To quote Buddy Hackett, “I don’t have a grudge because others dance while I’m angry.”

4) Enjoy the little things

Life after divorce usually means additional responsibilities. If you are a single parent or are in charge of a to-do list that was once shared, how do you handle everything without stress? First, especially learn to laugh more on your own. Learn to let go and take life less seriously. Bright! Learn to live in the present moment. Living in the present is where all the “good things” of life happen. Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow’s worries are tomorrow. Think of it this way. If you miss this moment, you will miss your life. So how are we living now? If you are stressed, immediately think in your head and remove the blindfold. (The same blindfold that the horse wears, the horse cannot see from side to side).

Start looking around.

I really mean to look around. look carefully. I really concentrate. Use your five senses! For example, if you are with a child, look at the child. Thank you for her smile. Give them a hug See the true beauty of who they are and thank them for being part of your life. You will feel your stress subside and a sense of peace strike you. Use all your senses to bring you back to the moment so that you are wherever you are. Take the time to appreciate all the beauty that already exists around you. You have to be there to see it!

5) What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What virtual topics do you have? What do you sense is your proper motive in existence? If a person requested you that question, how could you solve them?
Why is it so vital to be clear on what your existence`s motive is? Knowing your motive will provide you with a real experience of who you’re and why you had been placed on this earth. It offers your existing course and enables you are making clean and clean selections regarding that course. It’s your compass! Without a motive, can your existence be as compared to a chunk of driftwood? Floating forever and ever in whichever course the tide makes a decision to take it and finishing up on any seaside without a will of its’ own. When you stay your existence primarily based totally on your motive you’re dwelling in integrity with yourself and are in alignment with who you virtually are in all factors of your existence – body, thoughts, and spirit. Take this time to attention to what virtually topics to you. Feel the proper passions that exist in your coronary heart and write them down.

6) What Are Your Vibes Saying About You?

Are you acquainted with the Law of Attraction? Maybe you’ve got heard the expressions, “What you suspect about, you carry about” or “The extra interest you supply to something, the extra interest it’s going to supply to you.” When going thru a divorce, your feelings may be in comparison to a curler coaster ride. Use this time to come to be reconnected with your internal attention to who you’re. Recognize in case your emotions are low power or excessive power.
A few examples of low power are stress, negativity, fear, resentment, or a feeling of lack (loss of time or money) and excessive power is pleasure, abundance, happiness, positivity, love, or compassion.

If you’re having emotions of low power, how do you are making a shift to experience extra excessive power?

First, renowned and receive the emotions you’re having. Be mild with yourself! Your purpose is to make a shift, however, recognize you may not be capable of passing from low to excessive instantly. Start with toddler steps! Repeat step range 3 and come to be present! Be grateful for what’s operating in your existence properly now. Do something easy like pat your pet, scent a flower, or, in case you are withinside the office, take a minute to consider a preceding laugh time or revel in what you’ve got had that would carry a grin on your face. Feel the shift you’re beginning to make to your power.

7) Be True To Yourself

During or even after a divorce, we’re regularly packed with doubts. We query ourselves approximately what’s proper, what to do or how we experience. Should I or shouldn`t I? It appears tough to make a selection. Listen in your heart. What feels proper? What would not experience pretty properly? If a state of affairs does now no longer experience proper, honor your resistance with the aid of using pausing or ready. Sometimes ready is the first-class aspect to do. By ready you can have allowed the state of affairs to spread greater without difficulty while not having to worry! If a selection feels desirable or proper, commonly it means you’re heading withinside the proper direction. When we pay attention to our hearts, we’re in integrity with ourselves. When we’re in integrity with ourselves, we analyze to mention NO greater without difficulty.

“You are absolutely free!”



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