Have you ever looked at her text and wondered, “I want her to want to fuck me
but what do I text”?
How many times have messed up your one and only chance at getting laid
because you didn’t know what to text, or because the text you DID send scared
her off and you have no idea why? It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me, it’s
happened to everyone.

Luckily for you, you’re about to learn 4 Fail proof texts to send that make her
want to have sex with you.


These 4 texts cover the full spectrum of texting. Some are very aggressive yet
smart and direct and others are softer and more playful. ALL of them elude to
sex and all of them WILL get you laid when done correctly.
Here we go-

1. Guess where you’re going Tuesday…

I use this text to get a girl to go out with me. ASKING a girl out is for guys who
don’t like getting laid and like getting told “No”. TELLING a girl where she is going
will yield far better results. The trick here is that as soon as she says “Where?”
She is subconsciously agreeing to go out with you but just doesn’t know where
because you haven’t told her yet.
When you send this text and get a, “Where” response, you become the source
of intrigue and of information. Women like men who take the lead. You never see
Leonardo DiCaprio asks a girl if she’s ok with having a salad, he just takes her to
dinner and she goes with him. When you tell her you’ve already set up a date
for her, it translates into the fact that you take the initiative which is what women
like. When you have to ask a girl where she wants to go on any particular day, it

makes you seem indecisive by looking for her to tell you where she wants to go.
Don’t do this.

What to expect:

Expect her to say “Where?”. Be ready to give her an answer and make it GOOD.
Don’t meet her intrigue with somewhere lame, make it fun. Remember, being fun
is half the battle.
I personally like to reply with, “Over to my place for dinner and wine tomorrow”
The reason I like this is that’s the easiest place to get laid. Why would I
go somewhere where there’s no bed in immediate sight?


2. Sounds like you’re trying to make me your sex slave…I usually charge for that but I’ll give you a free 30-day trial.

I use this whenever a girl asks me to do something for her. It’s a playful way to
give her the option of saying yes. If she says “Ok” or anything to that effect, it
means she’s down for sex obviously, but it also does more than that; it brings
up sex in a playful manner without being so forward or direct. A girl will only fuck
you when she feels comfortable with you. Being able to bring up sex comfortably
and in a carefree way will make you seem suave even though you may not be
at all. The easier it is for her to talk about sex with you the easier it will be for her
to say yes. Sex is one of the hardest subjects to talk about, even though it’s on
everyone’s mind all the time. Guys especially have a very hard way of vocalizing
sex without sounding like a creep.
Because I’m so nonchalant about sex and it comes so often for me, I can talk
about it to girls in a carefree way. Because I have a lot of sex it makes me

comfortable enough to bring up sex in a playful manner as if it’s no big deal. Sex
should be fun and women want to have fun so what are you waiting for?
Bringing up Fun and sex is a dynamite combination that when used right will get
her in bed faster than you can take your pants off.

3. hmm…I was thinking about having sex with you but now I’m not sure.

I like using this when a girl says something that makes her look dumb or
makes an error. It takes a badass to send this text message and most men
including yourself wouldn’t normally send this and that’s exactly why most men
don’t get laid unless you consider jacking off to a soulless computer screen as
getting laid. This text creates what is called a give and take. First, you give her the
knowledge that you were going to have sex with her (Give) but now you’re not
sure (take away). No one likes things to be taken away from them even if it’s the
promise of something in the future.

What to expect:

Expect her to say something like “lol oh and why is that” Then, respond by telling her the mistake she made and say something like “It’s ok, I think we can get past this and still make it happen”.
This is another playful way to bring up sex and give her the validation girls are
looking for that yes I will have sex with you. You get the “Will he or won’t he”
the question in her mind out of the way. I always make girls I’m trying to fuck aware.

of the fact that I would have sex with them. It makes them know you’re not just
looking for a friendship but instead are looking for more.
Have some fun with it. The more you send this text the better you’ll get at being
comfortable with sending it and the better you get responding to her response.

4. I want you

Sounds simple but always remember, you can say so much with so little.
You don’t have to write paragraphs about how you want a girl, just tell her “I want
I use this text all the time because I like to get straight to the point and you should
too. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a lot of time this way. Most men try to be really
elegant or beat around the bush when they try to tell a girl they want them and do it so poorly that either the girl can’t tell that you want her or you seem lame and
disingenuous when you do finally tell her. Keep it simple stupid, less is more in
this case.
When to send this Send this text after you’ve flirted with her and now you want to get to the next level.

What to expect:

Expect a girl to say something as straightforward as what you sent her.

I love when I get this as a response “Well then come get it” This means game over, you’re about to get laid.
If she says anything that doesn’t hint toward you having sex, you haven’t flirted enough but at least now she knows you want her and you can stop worrying about if she knows that you want her or not.
I can’t tell you how many times this simple text has gotten me laid. Go and do
likewise gentlemen.




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