Have you ever looked at her text and wondered, “I want her to want to fuck me
but what do I text”?
How many times have messed up your only chance at getting laid
because you didn’t know what to text, or because the text you DID send scared
her off and you have no idea why? It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me, it’s
happened to everyone.


Luckily for you, you’re about to learn 4 Fail proof texts to send that make her
want to have sex with you.

These 4 texts cover the full spectrum of texting. Some are very aggressive yet
smart and direct and others are softer and more playful. ALL of them elude to
sex and all of them WILL get you laid when done correctly.
Here we go-

#1. The fact that your mental attraction is as strong as your physical attraction makes me want you in both ways.

When to send this- I send this text after I’ve done two things. First, I make sure I’ve made her aware of the fact that I’m physically attracted to her body. I do this by following what
is called “Pre-sex flirt texting” (There is an entire chapter dedicated to this in Text
God). Second, I make sure I have challenged her intelligence in a good, playful way by finding out how much she knows or how smart she is.
Once these two things have been accomplished, I then send this text to
combine the physical and mental, making it obvious that I want her both ways.

What to expect:

Expect a girl to be genuinely impressed by this text and to text you back a
heartfelt answer. No guy has ever sent her a text this intelligent so be prepared
to use her response to go in for the kill and invite her out or invite her over.
When I send this to a girl it elevates her view of me from just another douchebag
who wants to lay her, to an intelligent guy who recognizes and appreciates both
her intelligence and her physical attributes. This is one of those texts that get a
girl to say “Awwww that was so nice”. Even if you don’t think she’s smart at all
and are just trying to get laid, don’t forget that Perception is everything.

#2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

I use this text when I’ve either already hooked up with a girl or have flirted with
her to the point where she knows we are going to fuck in the near
The response:
No matter what she says, you always respond with “Meh, Let’s beat that”
First, this shows her you are not impressed and true badasses are never
impressed when they know they can do better. It sparks the thought of, “Wow,
if he’s not impressed by my craziest sex story, I wonder what secret he knows

that is better than my best”. When a woman tells you what the craziest thing
she’s done in bed is, realize that she is putting herself out there and asking
you to come to take her and show her an amazing time. She is being completely
honest with you about one of the most private things about herself. Getting a girl
to respond to this text means two things, first that she is comfortable with you,
second that she likes you, and most importantly that she wants to fuck you.

What to expect:

Expect a girl to want you to deliver on that promise. You’d better be ready to be
a stud in bed. If you’re not ready for that challenge then throw in the towel and
become celibate because this girl is ASKING you to blow her mind in bed.

#3. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but have always held back from doing?

I send This text when I want a girl to break out of her shell. You should be able to
tell when a girl is holding back and not giving you the real her. This will help you
get her to step out of that bubble she’s in. When you finally get her to break out of
her shell, she will become excited because she doesn’t know where this will lead
and because she finally isn’t getting the same boring conversation she gets
from all the other lame guys.

What to expect:

Expect this to get her to start thinking about things she’s always wanted to do.
Goals yet unattained, dreams and adventures not yet had. The fact that she is
thinking about her dreams and you in the same instance and that you are the
source of those good thoughts will immediately put you in a positive position with
her and make you something she wants more of.

When I send this text, I like to have fun with it. Anything she responds with,
whether it be, “I’ve always wanted to skydive”, or “I’ve always wanted to visit this
museum”, or anything else, I will respond with, “Well guess what we’re doing next
You’ve just gotten her to give you the best idea for a date.
Congratulations you are that much closer to getting laid.

#4. Are you a betting person?

This is a fun one because it’s playful but opens the door to a variety of responses
you can give which can steer the conversation anywhere you want it to go. It also
gives you insight as to what kind of person she is and what she identifies in her
mind as ‘pushing the limits.
If she responds with “Yes” to your text.
Reply with “Perfect. Let’s play a game. If the craziest thing you’ve done is better than the
craziest thing I’ve done, I’ll give you $100. You first”
I have gotten responses like:

  • “I just realized I haven’t done anything crazy in my life.”
  • “You’re crazier than I am”
  • “Trust me I will win”

Either way, whatever her response is, use it for your gain.
You can challenge her and say:

  • “That’s it? We need to do something more fun that”
  • “Damn, that’s very adventurous, I can only imagine what you’re like in bed”
  • “Let’s beat that”

What to expect:

Expect her to give you an opening to invite her somewhere fun with you. The
old saying “Girls just wanna have fun” is true. If a girl sees you as being fun and
exciting to be around, well then you’ve already won half the battle.



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